Thank you for your interest in our Transforming Teachers coaching services and Workshops.  We look forward to getting to know you and helping you transform into a better teacher.

Payment Information

Payment is based on a rate of:

  • $50.29/one time nonrefundable registration fee (tax included)
  • $85.19/hour for individual session (tax included) 1 Month Contract
  • $75.19/hour for individual session (tax included) 3 Month Contract

We accept credit card payments for the registration via our website, see the form below. Also, you may come to the store location at 5310 Lenox Av. Ste. #16 (inside Kingdom Plaza) Jacksonville, FL 32205 to register.

**Please note all coaching sessions are  pre paid before the session.  The number of sessions are agreed upon with the coach & teacher. **

Items included

  • Personal and Professional Assessment
  • Weekly 1 hour Observation /Discussion
  • 10% OFF any sponsored workshops by Your Classroom

What to expect from our sessions

Your Classroom, LLC will:

  • Share with you how our coaching sessions work, do a coaching mini-session to clarify one important goal and invent ways to get you into action progressing toward it.
  • Make it convenient! Because coaching can be done using the phone, email, online, your classroom or anywhere we agreed on.
  • Typically, meet with clients weekly or bi-weekly over 3 to 6 months.
  • We explore how your values are related to your teaching goals and then map out your options for achieving them. I will help you identify your strengths and discover ways to build on them as you work toward your goals. 
  • Will also hold you accountable for following through on your plans.
  • Provide sessions that can be intense, but also energizing and motivating.
  • Will provide a safe, non-judgmental place to explore new ideas and challenges related to achieving your aspirations. I will encourage inquiry and self-reflection (“powerful questions”) and offer honest feedback.