Excel in 2017


There is a right time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens (Eccl 3:1)  The word of God teaches us this important spiritual principal with its order and so it is with our lives.


2017 is the perfect time to find something you can excel at.  Everyone enjoys being great at something. Being productive and useful gives our life purpose and meaning.  Model this for children because for children, excelling at something is the foundation in which they build their self-esteem. 


At the earliest possible age help children find a useful, positive skill at which they can excel.  It can be sports, dance, choir, art, debate or anything positive.  Their life holds endless possibilities for building solid foundations, but they must work hard at it. 


As you continue to move forward one day at a time keep your spiritual sight on God and stay open to His guidance, and your purpose will be revealed to you.  Remember, to also encourage your child to strive but be sure they can relax and know that their personal best is good enough.


   “If We All Did The Things We Are Capable Of Doing, We Would Literally Astound Ourselves.”

Thomas Edison