I am Candy Apple Red and Pink Lemonade Sweet proud to say that I am a TEACHER!  Not just a teacher but A TEACHER!  I have friends that are teachers and I know individuals that want to become teachers.  We are important people in the lives of the children that God has placed in our care.  We Are Stewards Over The Future!

I did not realize this when I was a freshman at North Carolina Central University; majoring in Elementary Education, the impact that I would have in the lives of children.  It quickly became apparent to me during my student teaching as my passion and soon to be profession would intertwine daily.  Mothers and Fathers entrust me with their children; their joy, their love, their babies; no matter the age of the child, for 180 days 6-11 hours a day. Wow, thank you God! My Heavenly Father placed my desires, passions, dreams, and gifts inside of me before he placed me on this earth.  As a teacher I am able to educate and shape our children for the future. The children I have today will become our leaders of tomorrow.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You Must Be The Change You Wish to See In The World.”

Teachers we have the ability to shape the world into a loving, understanding, compassionate place. We can motivate children to be better than their best selves and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone, but we too must be an example of what we teach. The best teacher leaders are accountable and responsible for their own change.  If you are a teacher “Thank You!”  I know and understand what it takes to stand in front of a class 180 days or more being kind, patient, funny, hard-working, passionate, tired, underpaid, overlooked, encouraged etc., all while  loving our future leaders Remember, We Are Stewards Over The Future and we are building a better future one child at a time in our class, our school, our community, and the world.