Model How You Want Your Students to Behaveteacher-and-student

As teachers “We are Stewards Over the Future” so we should model the behavior that we want our students to display now, so that in the future we see a better world. Obviously, what we say and do is important to teaching, vitally important. Our students face situations on a daily basis that were unheard of 10-20 years ago.
Our influence needs to come from a heart of humbleness and understanding that there a many factors that contribute to our students behavior, mostly from observing and interacting with us; their teacher. We want them repeating our good behaviors not our bad ones.
We like happy students, so we need to be happy. We like our students using their manners, so use your manners. Be respectful, positive, encouraging and friendly so that your students see what it is like to be a responsible caring adult. Model how you want your students to behave.
Yes, it puts a lot of emphasis on teaching, and what we model affects our future Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, and Parents. Teachers are not perfect and we make mistakes, but when you make a mistake model another important skill; apologize.

Joseph Joubert, a French writer stated,
“Children have more need of models than critics.”