Welcome 2016 School Year!

Happy new school year to everyone.  Prayerfully, you enjoyed your summer break eating good food, spending time with family, and catching up with your friends. Now it’s time to challenge your students, peers, and of course, YOU!

Be Better!

1. Be Better In Your Work – think creatively, be effective, efficient and pay attention to the details.

2. Be Better With Your Customers – in how you prepare, deliver your lessons, and communicate.

3. Be Better With Your Teammates – show and give support to each other, communicate and make    time for your Core Team.

4. Be Better In Your Community – give of your time and talent to the cause. Volunteer!   Make your neighborhood and city a great place to live.

5. Be Better With Our Planet – recycle, minimize your trash, energy use and appreciate the natural beauty around us.

6. Be Better In Your Relationships – communicate, encourage and support. Do your part, you are accountable, take ownership.

7. Be Better To Yourself – in your self-talk, in your personal expectations and in your commitment to being all that you can be.   I need you to survive, your family needs you, friends etc

Summer is over and school as started and we have 180 days of opportunities. Opportunities to make changes, to improve, to grow, to be “Stewards Over the Future” our students!