Yes, it is that time of year and it does not matter what grade your kids are in, nor does it  matter what grade you teach, the first day of school can be exciting, overwhelming, fun and so much more for everyone; especially the kids and teachers. You only get one “First Day of School” so teachers, parents, and kids remember to smile, be excited, and arrive early.

SMILE! Please smile it looks good on you and smiling is healthy for you.  Smiling lets others know you are friendly and ready for what the day has to offer.  BE EXCITED! Excitement is contagious and it spreads quickly.  Your positive excitement will create positive energy in the school, in your class and a better place for learning.  ARRIVE EARLY! The early bird catches the worm, a good parking space, short lines and maybe some giveaway prizes.  Arriving early on the first day of school is the best way to start the school year and a good habit to have for the next 180 days.  I am ready and looking forward to the 2018 school year.  Welcome to School everyone and let’s make it a great “First Day of School!”