“Becoming A Better Teacher Doesn’t Happen By Chance.”

Teaching is one of the most rewarding and demanding jobs there is.  Your Classroom knows firsthand the challenges that teachers face and that’s why we have created Relevant, Realistic, and Researched Based Workshops for YOU!

Professional Growth

  • Get it Together

To be an effective teacher organization needs to be your friend. You, your students, and the class environment need to be organized.

  • S.T.E.M 101

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Oh My!  STEM EDUCATION is a new movement in American Education to help teachers and their students understand how the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics impact their world and prepare them for the future

  • Teacher Leader

Every teacher must understand they are leading by example even when they have not planned a structured lesson.

Student Engagement

  • Pluged In, Turned On, & Engaged

Participation techniques teachers will enjoy learning step by step to help ensure relevant, engaging, and cognitively challenging lessons for the students.

  • Play, Batteries Not Required

Do you remember how much you enjoyed playing and learning?  Use play to teach children about self-esteem, social/emotional growth, science and more.

  • You Want Me to Use What?

Yes, think outside the box to assist you with creative, inexpensive manipulatives to help you teach.

Parent Engagement

  • Praise

I praise, you praise, we all need some praise.  Praising is an important part of a child’s emotional and social growth, so learn strategies to better praising.

  • All About Self

Parents will have an opportunity to learn about the different learning styles and understand their preferred learning style and how that effects working with their child.

  • The ABC’s of Parenting

Parents will learn important strategies based on the letters of the alphabet. A is for Accept, B is for Behave, and C is for……

Classroom Management

  • Rules and Procedures

Effective teaching and learning cannot take place in a poorly managed classroom.  Teachers will learn effective classroom management techniques to create a well-managed classroom.  (great for beginning teachers 1-3 yrs.)

Team Work

  • Catch the Vision

Educators agree that the most effective parent involvement efforts involve parents, family, and community members.

  • Get’m Keep’m

Use these “Keys” to increase your parental involvement and watch your student success increase.


  • Individual or Group Coaching

We provide guidance, training, and support to help new teachers problem solve, trouble shoot, and understand the nuances of teaching.  We create a mentoring/coaching process of helping new teachers understand what they are doing and why; valuable teaching tips.